About Us

About Athlete’s Thread
Athlete’s Thread is a custom apparel brand within the NIL space, yet our team people behind the brand is not new to the licensed custom apparel industry. Athlete’s Thread is within the Threadly Brand family, which encompasses Greek HouseCollege ThreadThreadly, and Athlete’s Thread. Threadly has been a company in the licensing apparel industry since 2013, and Athlete’s Thread is the newest addition to the family, focusing on NIL merchandise for every athlete.

What We Do

We believe every athlete deserves to make money off their name image and likeness-AND that it should be simple to do so. That's why we use a combination of industry leading technology and a world class design team to provide 100% free merch stores for every athlete on campus, regardless of sport, team, gender, or position.

In addition to providing opportunity through custom merchandise we aslo train athlete's to prepare them for careers in business. We realize only 2% of athletes go pro in their respective sport, so we support the other 98% who will go pro in something else. We've trained over 2,500 students and our training program has become the #1 Sales and Marketing Internship landing students with jobs in the top companies in the country. We help Athlete's launch their brands today and develop their skills for the careers of tomorrow.

Work With Us
Listen - if you made it to college as an athlete that's an astounding accomplishment in itself. Being a student-athlete is a full time job and requires a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, and self discipline. 

With all your responsibilities, we understand the NIL space can be challenging and confusing to get started in, not to mention, it can be discouraging when you see companies focus solely on the "star" athletes. Just because your name isn't on ESPN doesn't mean that you don't have an amazing name and story to share with the world. 

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